Criminal Justice Process in a Weapons Case in New Jersey

Seasoned Defense Lawyers Discuss the Steps in the Criminal Process when Charged with a Weapons Offense in NJ

Criminal Justice Process for a Weapons Case NJ If you or a loved one has been charged with a weapons offense in New Jersey, you may feel overwhelmed by and nervous about the road ahead. The process of a criminal case for weapons in New Jersey is similar to that of any other criminal offense, with some very specific differences and nuances that you must be aware of. Without a solid understanding of each stage of your weapons case, you risk being unaware of all of your options to challenge the charges in court or otherwise reach the most favorable outcome. A conviction for a weapons offense in New Jersey can have long-lasting consequences to your freedom, finances, and future job opportunities. With complex and nuanced laws relating to weapons in New Jersey, it is vital that you seek the most qualified counsel from a knowledgeable weapons defense attorney if you have been charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, possessing a prohibited weapon or device, defacing a firearm, or any other weapon-related offense. Each stage of the criminal justice process presents opportunities for an experienced attorney to work to have the charges against you dismissed or downgraded, obtain a Graves Act Waiver, negotiate your participation in Pre-Trial Intervention, or get a probation sentence to help you avoid prison and minimize the otherwise severe penalties.

If you have been charged with a felony for a gun, ammunition, high-capacity magazines, an assault firearm, or another weapon in New Jersey, contact the experienced defense team at The Tormey Law Firm 24/7 to talk to a lawyer free of charge. You can request a free attorney consultation online or call (201)-614-2474 for immediate assistance. Why wait to best prepare yourself for the complex journey through the criminal justice process? Get ahead of the case by knowing what to expect from the various stages of criminal weapons procedure and consulting with a lawyer who successfully walks clients through this process every day.

Arrest and Complaint Warrant

In New Jersey, a criminal case for a weapons offense typically begins when a law enforcement officer files charges against an individual following an arrest. To place an individual under arrest for a weapons offense, an officer must have probable cause that the individual had unlawful possession of a weapon, committed assault with a weapon, improperly transported a weapon, or committed any other weapon-related criminal offense under New Jersey law.

When you are placed under arrest and before you are questioned by a law enforcement officer, you have the right to be represented by counsel. Depending on the circumstances surrounding a search and arrest, the officer may or may not have the right to search you or your vehicle. For example, during a routine traffic stop, a police officer may not search your trunk without your consent unless they have probable cause to do so.