Updated Guidance about Firearms without Serial Numbers in New Jersey

In June of last year, New Jersey’s lawmakers passed various gun laws that the governor approved in response to the Supreme Court’s expansion of gun ownership rights under the Second Amendment. In anticipation of increased gun ownership, the legislature and governor worked to introduce new restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms, including a […]

Straw Purchases of Firearms in New Jersey

Understanding Crimes for Straw Gun Purchasing in NJ In New Jersey, certain persons are ineligible to possess a firearm. They may not purchase or own a gun. So, people with certain indictable criminal convictions, a history of mental health institutionalization, or disorderly persons offenses involving domestic violence are prohibited from having a weapon. And yet, […]

Sensitive Places Law Update: Major Court Ruling Reversed in New Jersey

A Reversal by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals Puts Sensitive Locations for Carrying Weapons Back in Play in NJ Most of New Jersey’s gun restrictions are again enforceable after reviewing Koons v. Platkin, D.N.J., No. 1:22-cv-07464. The federal appeals court lifted an injunction imposed by Judge Renee Marie Bumb of the New Jersey District […]

New Jersey AG Takes Steps to Monitor Firearms Applications

New Jersey AG Takes Steps to Monitor Firearms Applications

Law Enforcement Directed to Report Data on All Newly Processed Firearms Permit Applications Statewide in NJ Since last year’s Supreme Court decision expanding firearm carry rights, New Jersey has made concerted efforts to respond with new gun laws and data collection systems to inform policymakers of the effects of the decision and guide decision making […]