Rules and Regulations for Holsters in NJ

Rules and Regulations for Holsters in NJ

What are the Laws for Gun Holsters in New Jersey? New Jersey is now a concealed carry state after the Supreme Court decision in the case of New York Pistol and Rifle Association vs. Bruen came down last year. That means you may carry a concealed handgun on your person with the appropriate permit. Do […]

Important Question of Domestic Violence and Gun Rights Soon to be Decided

The United States Supreme Court will Soon Decide Whether to Uphold or Strike Down the Prohibition on Firearms Possession for those Convicted of Domestic Violence or Subject to Restraining OrdersĀ  The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard arguments in the U.S. v. Rahimi case regarding the issue of domestic violence, protective orders, and gun rights. Currently, […]

Updated Guidance about Firearms without Serial Numbers in New Jersey

In June of last year, New Jersey’s lawmakers passed various gun laws that the governor approved in response to the Supreme Court’s expansion of gun ownership rights under the Second Amendment. In anticipation of increased gun ownership, the legislature and governor worked to introduce new restrictions on the purchase and possession of firearms, including a […]