Ramsey Council Postpones Vote on Controversial Second Amendment Ordinance

Ramsey NJ Gun Control OrdinanceAt a recent council meeting in Ramsey, NJ, councilmembers decided to hold off on a vote regarding an ordinance that would ban the use of firearms within the borough’s borders – even in indoor firing ranges.

The current ordinance in Ramsey NJ prohibits the firing of “any pistol, shotgun, rifle or other type of firearm anywhere in the borough” but exempts indoor and outdoor firing ranges. However, local lawmakers proposed that the ordinance be revised to forbid the use of firearms at shooting ranges after the Ramsey Planning Board received an application to create the Screaming Eagle Club, a 60,000-square-foot indoor firing range.

After learning of the proposed ordinance amendment, the New Jersey Second Amendment Society President Alexander Roubian notified the Ramsey Council. Roubain told the council that the organization’s “legal team is currently preparing the necessary Complaint to file with the N.J. District Court in the event the Ordinance is passed.” Roubian also requested that the proposed ordinance be pulled from the council’s agenda in the meantime so that the groups can “work together on an amicable solution without the need for costly litigation.” Ramsey Mayor Deirdre Dillon responded that the municipality was “in the process of obtaining a national law firm to represent the borough pro-bono in the event of litigation since the New Jersey Second Amendment Society has threatened the borough with costly and protracted litigation” in the event that they move forward with the amendment.

At the recent council meeting, a number of citizens spoke out about the proposed ban. These Ramsey residents offered opposing viewpoints, with some supporting the ban due to public safety concerns and others decrying violations of Second Amendment rights. Obviously, this is a contentious issue that could potentially infringe on Ramsey residents’ Second Amendment right to bear arms. This is particularly important because New Jersey is a state in which gun control is already extensive. In fact, New Jersey’s gun control laws are among the strictest in the nation and they outline who can legally purchase a firearm, how firearms can be transported, where firearms can be legally discharged, and where firearms can be legally possessed.

Potential Gun Ban in Ramsey NJ – Bergen County

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