Ocean City Implements AI to Find Guns

Firearm Detection System Powered by Artificial Intelligence Could Lead to Arrests and Gun Charges in Ocean City, New Jersey

Ocean City NJ Gun Charge Need Attorney In a new attempt to reduce gun-related deaths, school shootings, and mass shootings, artificial intelligence (AI) is being used for gun detection in Ocean City, New Jersey. With some of the toughest gun laws in the United States, New Jersey has still had its share of gun-related deaths. While many people are calling for even tougher gun regulations, others have demanded alternative ways of attempting to curb gun violence. This is where Ocean City’s new implementation comes in. The questions are vast and varied, including: How does it work? Is it beneficial or just invasive? Will it lead to more gun arrests? And if you find yourself arrested for a firearm in Ocean City, how can you protect your rights and defend your freedom against NJ’s harsh penal system as it relates to guns. Here, our New Jersey gun attorneys explore these questions and more.

Purpose of AI for Gun Detection

For a long time, we have had to rely on our own eyes and often-fuzzy security videos to determine if someone has a gun. Someone with negative intentions and careful planning could conceal a gun in ways that meant no one would know they had the weapon until it was too late. Additionally, many people do not pay enough attention to those around them to be alert to the danger. Even when they are, by the time they are able to alert someone there’s a threat, it is often too late.

AI is faster, constantly alert, and able to more quickly alert authorities than the average human. Trained to search video feeds for objects that resemble a gun, AI is focused on the task at hand and not distracted by anything. This allows it to detect potential threats more quickly and bring them to the attention of authorities almost instantly. This cuts down on how long it takes for authorities to respond to the potential threat.

While there are no hard numbers available to indicate how successful AI has been in gun detection in Ocean City, New Jersey, we can learn from other ways that it seems to have had an impact. First, other cities in New Jersey have begun to implement similar programs and policies. Second, there has been no discussion of eliminating the program and there is currently a five-year contract in place.

Benefits and Criticisms of Using AI to Detect Firearms

AI has long been a subjection of controversy and concern for people. From the concern that it might take jobs away from people, to how it could be used for negative purposes such as making deep-fake videos, people have been concerned about the use of AI in many ways. When it comes to gun detection, AI could be extremely beneficial. First, by training AI to scan specifically for objects that appear to be guns, people can rely on a program that is constantly focused, unable to be distracted, makes quick and accurate decisions, and doesn’t have the ability to second guess or doubt itself. As a result, AI can more quickly and easily identify guns, confirm there’s a threat with human backup, and alert law enforcement so they can immediately respond. This reduces reaction time and increases the chances that law enforcement can stop a public shooting more quickly and save more lives.

This does not mean there are not still concerns over using AI for this purpose, though. Many people are still concerned about the possibility of racial bias being introduced. Other concerns have been raised regarding privacy and accuracy. While the company behind this program insists that the software is trained solely to look for guns and does not collect biometrics on people, it is not unreasonable that people might be worried about their privacy.

Accuracy concerns, while still valid and not necessarily entirely relieved, have been addressed by the fact that when the software identifies what it believes to be a gun, a screenshot of the alleged weapon is sent to a group of human analysts. These individuals assess the screenshot and decide whether the detected object is a threat or not. If they do, law enforcement is immediately alerted. This all takes place in less than a minute.

However, there are still other concerns with using AI to detect guns and its accuracy. For example, what if someone hides the gun in a backpack or purse? What if they hide it in a waistband, bra, or a thigh or back holster and cover it with extremely baggy clothing that conceals any outline of a weapon? Right now, AI can only detect guns that are visibly being wielded, leaving would-be active shooters with time to stage themselves and begin taking aim at people before the AI recognizes they are a threat.

Implications of AI Cameras for People Carrying Guns in Ocean City NJ

The use of AI to detect guns could be very helpful to law enforcement on the boardwalk in Ocean City. For those who are not carrying a weapon on Ocean City’s boardwalk, life will continue as usual. For those who may be carrying a gun on the boardwalk, AI will detect it and send the screenshot to human analysts. Those analysts will scrutinize the screenshot and if there is a threat, alert authorities. If they determine the AI is mistaken, they will move on.

As the AI becomes more effective, those attempting to slip guns past the technology will have to take more drastic measures to try to hide them, which would theoretically draw even more attention to them from others. When you consider that many on the boardwalk would be wearing swimsuits or other lightweight or form-fitting clothing, you realize that these attempts to hide a weapon are likely to draw significant attention as the clothing would be so different from what others are wearing. This would make other people become more alert to people who are dressed so differently and the extra attention may be enough to deter potential wrongdoers. But not everyone who carries a firearm is a potential threat.

What Happens if You Get Arrested for a Gun in Ocean City NJ?

New Jersey has strict gun laws. While it is possible to get a concealed carry permit, it is not without its challenges. Even when you are successful in getting such a permit, you are limited in where you can carry. The beach is one place that you are restricted from carrying your gun, even if you have a concealed carry permit. So a day of fun in the sun visiting the beach and the boardwalk could pose challenges if you plan to visit while in possession of a weapon. In addition, carrying a gun on the boardwalk may be prohibited if it is designated as a gun-free zone by the local municipality where the boardwalk is located. The shops on the boardwalk are also able to prohibit entry of people who carry guns and the gun would still have to be carried in a concealed fashion.

If arrested for having a gun on the boardwalk, the charges will depend on how you were caught, the type of gun, if you have a permit issued by the state of NJ, and if so, what kind. If you merely had the gun in your possession, and it is an airsoft or BB gun rather than a handgun, you may be charged with a third degree felony. You may also face third degree indictable offense charges if you carry the gun in one of the restricted areas, known as sensitive places, one of which is a beach designated as a gun-free zone.

You could also be charged with a second degree felony such as illegal handgun possession or possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes. Third degree gun crimes could be punished with three to five years in prison, while second degree gun crimes can be sentenced with five to ten years in prison with eligibility for parole after one-third to one-half of the sentence is served, or 42 months, which is longer. This is due to the Graves Act, which enacts mandatory terms for those found in possession of guns or possessing guns while engaged in certain criminal activity. However, our Ocean City gun attorneys have assisted countless clients with obtaining waivers of the Graves Act, which allows for lower penalties, such as Pretrial Intervention (PTI) and probation.

First degree gun crimes are the most severe and typically have lengthy mandatory sentences imposed due to the Graves Act and No Early Release Act. These charges would apply if you were arrested for using your gun to commit murder, kidnap someone or engage in armed robbery. Typically, you would be sentenced to a lengthy term in prison with no possibility of parole, regardless of whether it is your first or subsequent offense.

Ocean City, NJ Gun Lawyers on Your Side

If you are arrested for having a gun on the boardwalk, we recommend you invoke your right to remain silent and call an attorney immediately. With strict gun laws and complexities involved in firearms and weapons cases in New Jersey, attempting to navigate this charge on your own could result in a harsher sentence than you deserve. Our team of experienced Ocean City gun defense lawyers can assess the evidence, review police conduct in the course of your investigation and arrest, negotiate with the prosecutor, fight for your freedom, and work toward securing the best possible outcome in your case. For a free consultation, call (201)-614-2474 seven days a week.