Bringing Your Guns to NJ from PA

Bringing Your Guns to NJ from PA? Here’s What You Need to Know

Transitioning From Pennsylvania to New Jersey Reveals Stark Differences in Gun Laws. Failure to Comply With New Jersey’s Stricter Regulations Post-Move Can Result in Serious Penalties.

Moving to NJ with a Gun from PA While all it takes is a drive across one of three bridges to go from Pennsylvania to New Jersey, the laws regarding guns are very different between the two states. Many people do not realize that gun laws in New Jersey are much stricter than those in Pennsylvania. However, if you move from Pennsylvania to New Jersey and do not follow the laws of your new home state, you may find yourself facing some stiff penalties.

Can I Bring my PA Gun to NJ?

People who are moving from Pennsylvania to New Jersey can bring their guns with them. While individuals who live in Pennsylvania are not required to possess a permit to purchase firearms or a license to possess firearms in their home or business (but they do need a permit to carry the gun outside the home or business), New Jersey does require new residents to the state who own handguns to obtain a New Jersey Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and register their handguns.

However, certain guns are banned by New Jersey law and, therefore, cannot be brought to New Jersey. Individuals who own a banned gun will need to go through the proper steps in Pennsylvania to sell or transfer their firearm to another person.

Do I Have to Register my Gun if I Move from Pennsylvania to New Jersey?

While many firearms are legal in New Jersey, the rules and requirements for registration or use may be different. If an individual moves from Pennsylvania to New Jersey with a handgun, they are required to get a New Jersey Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and register their handguns, but they do not need to register rifles or shotguns.

Pennsylvania residents moving to New Jersey may bring their handguns and must register them within 60 days of moving to New Jersey. They must first get a New Jersey Firearms Purchaser Identification Card. Firearms owners must go to the local police station in the area in which they live, or a state police station if there is not a local one, to apply for their FPIC and to register their handguns.

The identification card requires fingerprinting as well as a valid New Jersey driver’s license number, Social Security number, passport photo, State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) number (this will be assigned as part of the process), valid email address for the individual applying and all references, and the Police department’s ORI number. For handgun registration, you will need to provide information, including your name, address, and the handgun’s make, model, and serial number.

Failure to get the identification card or to register handguns within 60 days of moving can result in a $250 fine for the first offense. Second and any subsequent offenses result in a disorderly persons offense, which can result in a fine of up to $1,000 and up to six months in jail.

Can I Bring an Assault Firearm to NJ from PA?

NO. Assault firearms are banned by the state of New Jersey. A complete list of prohibited assault guns can be found in N.J.S. 2C:39-1.w and N.J.A.C. 13:54-1.2. Even if a weapon is not named explicitly in the list, this page on assault weapons includes a full explanation of what the state considers to be an assault firearm.

If I Have a Shotgun or Rifle and I Move to NJ, Is it Legal?

Shotguns and rifles are legal in New Jersey as long as they do not meet the definition of an assault  firearm. If you are unsure about whether your shotgun, rifle or even handgun is considered an assault firearm under New Jersey law, you may want to consult with a gun lawyer on our team or contact a police department in New Jersey to confirm before bringing the firearm into New Jersey. To avoid violating laws, it is a good idea to take photos and write down the details of the weapon instead of bringing the firearm into New Jersey.

Can I Carry my Pennsylvania Handgun in New Jersey?

All New Jersey residents are required to have a permit to carry a handgun outside their home or place of business, as well as other permitted locations like shooting ranges, but are not permitted to carry rifles or shotguns with or without a permit. New Jersey has very strict laws about carrying a firearm in public. Carrying a gun in public without a carry permit can result in second-degree crime charges and up to 10 years in prison. Individuals must have a permit to carry and a proper holster to concealed carry any handgun in public. However, individuals can carry their handgun at their residence, business, or other property that they own.

New Jersey requires all residents to have a permit to carry their handgun outside their home. Applying for a gun permit requires fingerprinting, as well as identification information about the individual and the handguns they will be carrying. Individuals will also need to consent to a mental health search and provide proof of ownership as well as a written qualification showing proficiency with the specific handguns they will be carrying.


How to Legally Transport a PA Gun in NJ

Can I bring my Gun from Pennsylvania to New Jersey? Individuals may drive with their firearms in the vehicle, but there are specific restrictions. Gun owners may possess their firearms in the vehicle without a carry permit if they are transporting the gun to and from work or other locations that are authorized, such as the gun range, a gun repair shop, or a firearms dealer, as long as the firearm is properly secured.

Safely transporting properly secured firearms means that the firearm is unloaded inside a closed and fastened case, a gun box, a securely tied in a package, or a locked in the vehicle’s trunk. If there is no separate trunk, the firearm must be locked in a container that is not the glove compartment or center console. The container must be kept the farthest possible distance from the driver. Ammunition must be carried in a separate container from the firearm itself and locked in the trunk of the vehicle.

Are you a Pennsylvania Gun Owner Moving to New Jersey?

Moving can be overwhelming, and it is easy for things to slip through the cracks. Trying to manage the logistics of moving while also learning the gun laws of your new residence can be a lot. Pennsylvania gun owners who have moved to New Jersey and have questions about registering their firearms, getting a carry permit, or applying for a firearms ID card can speak with our New Jersey gun lawyers to ensure they handle these matters as the law requires. If you have already learned that you unknowingly violated one of New Jersey’s gun laws, you may be feeling concerned about losing your gun rights and even facing criminal charges.

A New Jersey gun lawyer at The Tormey Law Firm can help ease your mind by explaining the potential crimes you may be charged with and the sentences and fines associated with those charges. Additionally, our knowledgeable gun defense attorneys can defend you against the charges, whether it be negotiating to have the charges reduced, obtaining a Graves Act waiver, assisting with your admission into the Pre-Trial Intervention Program, securing probation, or litigating the case to get the charges dismissed at trial.

Contact our firm today to discuss the specifics of your gun case in New Jersey and find out how we can best assist you in Bayonne, Jersey City, Weehawken, Hoboken, East Brunswick, Toms River, Freehold, Union, Woodbridge, and other NJ communities. If you are seeking to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a New Jersey resident and gun owner, our firearms attorneys are prepared to address your questions and concerns. Simply call us 24/7 at (201)-614-2474 or send us a message online for the help you need in the realm of NJ gun laws.