Newark NJ Police Search for Trio of Suspects Accused of Using Firearms to Commit Carjackings

Essex County Carjacking SuspectsNewark New Jersey police are on the lookout for a man and two women who have been accused of committing at least two violent carjackings.

The motor vehicle thefts were committed late at night in the area of North 6th Street and Dickerson Street in Newark, New Jersey. The victims were reportedly seated in parked vehicles when the suspects walked up to the cars and confronted the drivers.

According to Bergen County NJ law enforcement, the three suspects brandished firearms when they held up the owners of two cars. One of the firearms was reportedly an AK-47 and another firearm was a pistol.

The suspects allegedly demanded that the vehicle occupants exit the cars and hand over their car keys.

Once the suspects had access to the vehicles, they reportedly stole the cars and drove away at high rates of speed.

The Newark Police Department is actively investigating the carjacking incidents. At this time, authorities have not yet been able to identify any of the carjacking suspects. Newark NJ police did obtain store surveillance footage from a local business where the suspects reportedly purchased items at some point during the night. Police have released the surveillance images in the hope that someone might recognize the suspects and alert law enforcement.

If the suspects are eventually identified, located, and apprehended, they could be subject to serious criminal charges for carjacking and illegal handgun possession. The penalties for carjacking are particularly severe. As set forth by N.J.S.A. 2C:15-2, anyone caught committing an auto theft while using a deadly weapon such as a firearm or a knife can be charged with a first degree crime. In New Jersey, most first degree felonies carry a potential term of incarceration of 10-20 years in NJ State Prison. However, carjacking is treated differently; a first degree carjacking conviction could lead to a sentence of up to 30 years behind bars.

Armed Carjacking Charges in Newark NJ

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