Man Shot and Killed During Carjacking in Newark, New Jersey

Newark NJ Gun Crime AttorneysNewark NJ police are searching for the person who shot and killed a local resident during a carjacking incident that went horribly wrong.

The fatal shooting occurred during the late afternoon hours around the intersection of Bergen Street and 14th Avenue in Newark, NJ. According to Newark NJ authorities, the suspect approached the motor vehicle while it was stopped on the roadway and held a gun to the head of the driver. At some point, the suspect allegedly used the handgun to shoot and kill the driver.

After firing the fatal gunshots, the suspect reportedly got inside the car and drove off.

At the time of the shooting incident, a small child was inside the motor vehicle. The good news is that the child was reportedly unharmed. It is unclear whether the suspect removed the minor from the car before driving away or the child got out of the car on his own.

Detectives with the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office later said off the record that the shooting stemmed from a carjacking incident. However, the connection between the homicide and the carjacking has not been officially confirmed by authorities.

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Task Force has yet to identify a suspect in the homicide case. If police can eventually determine the identity of the suspect, it is likely that the culprit would be subject to severe criminal penalties that include potential life imprisonment in New Jersey State Prison.

Carjacking, Murder Charges in Newark NJ

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